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July 31st, 2010

07:33 pm - Looking for Actors for Independant Fantasy/Comedy Feature Film
 Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in acting in my film. Approximately 1/5 of it has been filmed already here in Vero Beach, Fl. When I get back up to Tallahassee for school on August 22nd, I want to finish filming the rest on the weekends and maybe some weekdays, depending on people's schedules. 

The film is kind of similar to The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising, but instead of being set as a game in present day, it is set in a fantasy world entirely. It's a swords and sorcery comedy.

Here are some demos of what has been filmed thus far:
Thagren vs. Graak
Thagren vs. Beach Bandits

Since I'm a student, I can't really pay anyone to help out, but I can supply food/water for each shoot. I can also give you a percentage of the film's earnings from dvds and digital download. I'm shooting with an HVX-200, which a lot of independant feature films have been shot with.
I'm not really looking for professional actors. I'm more looking for people want to have fun in front of the camera, but if you have experience that is always good.

Please let me know if you would be interested in being a part of the project or if you have any questions.
Current Location: United States, Florida, Vero Beach
Current Music: A7X - Natural Born Killer

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May 13th, 2010

11:02 am - Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
I will be organizing sanctioned Dungeons & Dragons: Encounters for Season 2 at Gamescape.  The next season is Dark Sun and runs from 6/9/10 through 9/15/10 every Wednesday.  Wizards will be providing preview materials to support running the campaign since Dark Sun release date is not until 8/17/10.
Current Location: United States, Florida, Tallahassee

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March 28th, 2010

10:13 pm - LARP in tallahassee
To start with this is my first post so i'm not entirely sure it'll end up where i wish it to. so cross my fingers and.. oh snap, difficult to type like that. anyways, I've recently become very interested in LARP, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any active groups in the tallahassee area. I am hoping to find a group of people who may be interested in experimenting with LARP on a semi-regular basis with hopes of it flourishing into a large comunity. if anyone is interested let me know by either commenting here, or e-mailing me at stets456(at)yahoo(dot)com, please put "LARP" or something of that sort in the subject line so I realize what I'm reading and don't get confused XD
Current Location: home
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: sadly none :/

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10:06 pm
To start with this is my first post so I'm not entirely sure that it will end up where i wish it to. well, cross my fingers and.. oh snap nevermind can't type like that.

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January 13th, 2010

01:47 pm
Not sure if this group is active anymore but it is worth a shot. I've been in Tally and running games (off and on) for over 15 years now. I've had some players recently leave the group (e.g., moved out of town) and I'm looking for one or two new players to join our group. We are currently playing Savage Worlds (after giving 4e D&D a shot and deciding that we--or at least I--wanted something a bit more streamlined). The current plan is to alternate between a campaign set in Freeport (Green Ronin's pirate town) and a Hellfrost campaign...the latter being a bit more of the epic, heroic fantasy stuff and the former being a bit more on the gritty and seedy side. However, I'm open to doing other games as well. We typically play once a week on Friday or Saturday evenings and adjust schedules to fit everyone's needs as best as possible.

If you're interested or would like more info, you can reply here or contact me at melchior12(at)comcast(dot)com (replacing with the appropriate symbols of course). I've also got a sign up at Secret Headquarters with my contact info.

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December 8th, 2008

08:42 pm - 7th Sea!


 Welcome to Freiburg . Set in the war-ravaged country of Eisen, Freiburg exists as unique metropolitan entity unlike any other in the world. It’s a city where mystery lurks down every alley. A city where there’s only one rule: “No Questions.” If you want it, you can find in Freiburg . There’s danger, intrigue, romance, reward, loss, and much much more. You’ll be put to the test of maintaining the hero’s path or falling down the descent into villainy, here is where you will forge your destiny. We wish to bring to you “The Free City”, a live action 7th Sea chronicle.

We’re using an unholy union of the 7th Sea table-top rules, the Legend of the Five Rings Live Actions, and the little of our own conversions. You’ll need a full deck of cards including jokers.

Character creation will begin this Thursday, December 11th at 7:00pm.  We will continue to hold character creation meetings on subsequent Thursdays at 7:00pm all the way until the start of the game. The first session will be Saturday, January 31st at 6:30pm. The game will run every other Saturday, starting around 7:00pm.

The first character creation meeting will take place at St. Mikes Pub. (http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=513+W+Gaines+St+Tallahassee,+FL+32301&fb=1&geocode=14295384195205335055,30.435576,-84.288582&oi=manybox&ct=14&cd=1&resnum=3). The locations of subsequent character creation sessions will be announced on the game mailing list (Thefreecity@yahoogroups.com) or posted on the game message board (thefreecity.proboards103.com). The game itself will be held on the Florida State University campus at the College of Music amphitheatre.

Your staff for this game will be: Dante , Chad , Mike, and Brenden.You can contact any of us via our staff mailing list: Thefreecitystaff@yahoogroups.com, or by sending a private message on message board: thefreecity.proboards103.com

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August 5th, 2008

04:26 pm - CoC gamers needed
I'm looking for gamers for a Call of Cthulhu campaign. If no one wants to GM I'll GM. Ideally I'd like to have about 3 to 5 people and meet once or twice a month depending upon everyones schedules. I already have one person but need at least 1 or 2 more.

If CoC isn't your thing I'm open to doing a D&D as well. I currently have a long standing D&D campaign going with a couple guys, but due to one of their schedules we're only able to meet about once every 2 or 3 months. That hardly scratches my gaming itch.

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June 22nd, 2008

02:15 am - looking
I recently moved back to tallahassee after being gone for 6 years. I am looking for a group to play with. I have been playing for about 10 years. Mostly d&d but some other stuff too. I am willing to play pretty much any game. If anyone is looking for someone for any sort of game im pretty much up for it. you can respond here or email me at freako423@Yahoo.com

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February 18th, 2008

04:25 pm - Player(s) Needed
A few new players are needed for an exploration team in the Stargate RPG. Our current team has been together for several adventures. The team started out as being heavy in the ancient cultures/linguistics department, but we have recently lost both scientist and combat based characters.

We play every few weeks on Wednesday nights, eightish to lateish.

Please respond here if interested. We can probably find ways to fit a variety of character types onto our team.

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August 8th, 2007

01:50 pm - really addictive but simple game
Is anyone in town playing this besides me?


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