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July 25th, 2007

03:07 am - Looking for players who want a lively interesting game.
Why would a DM just sit there, reading his sheets and rolling his dice? Tables were made for standing on, dice were meant to be more than dice and there's always something useful inside the DM's briefcase.

I've been in town about four months, and I think it's time I started a DnD group. It's not just DnD, though, it crosses many genres and it comes alive with multiple facets and an amazing vibrance.

There are a lot of house rules, and a lot of rules that are dropped to add fluidity. Combat isn't bogged down with endless rolls and clever gameplay is rewarded as is good role playing.

Want to train that thief to raise his DEX? Nope, no die rolls for that. Have a stack of poker chips to balance on the back of your hand or try your luck at dodging Nerf balls from a blaster for ten seconds.

Figure things out on every level of the game. You may be handed a piece of parchment with an unknown language and a small tablet with a guide to translating three of the characters and go from there, you may need to figure out the hexadecimal meaning of the date of an even or figure out what the letter you got in the mail three days after a campaign means to you in character.

Time machines, waking dreams, villains who know you too well and situations that make you think about your life and values as much as those of your character. Group dinners, roleplay outings and a sense of community within the group.

Orc with rocket launchers, spelljamming old men with rough hands and swollen hearts, shadow governments on the moon and a certain tentacle mouthed elder god selling whiskey on an asteroid. Odd dimensions and the ever sought after Heron Device.

If any of this appeals to you, then please contact me at kardak_Legaius at Yahoo dot com. Subject heading "DnD" please.
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February 20th, 2007

08:38 am - Missing - Crossposted
My room mate's cat went missing about two weeks ago, and there's been no luck finding her.

Margarita is about 6 months old, 6 pounds or so, last seen running out of the house in The Exchange. She was wearing a pink collar with diamond looking studs on it, and I've put some pictures under the cut. No one seems to have seen her, despite flyers and several searches at the shelter, so we're pretty sure someone must have picked her up and taken her in. Her collar didn't have a tag. If you've seen her, or know of someone who might have her, there is a reward being offered.

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March 29th, 2006

12:38 pm
http://monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=11023250 who wants to play?

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March 28th, 2006

03:51 pm - Art Is Play
Thursday night there will be a game "art opening" at Lake Ella. Several modern board and card games will be exhibited and demonstrated. All are invited to come play. Wine and cheese will be served to those 21 and over.

"Art Is Play" Modern Parlor Game Exhibition,
Thursday, March 30, 7-9 PM
Location: Lofty Pursuits, at the Cottages at Lake Ella, 1651 North Monroe Street

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February 9th, 2006

03:33 pm - Gaming stuff for sale
I have lots and lots of game books and materials I'm getting rid of. Most of it is GURPS and Car Wars, but there's a fairly broad selection of other things as well. I'm not setting any prices at this point, and will consider any offer.

See this post for the list, and comment there if you're interested in any of it.

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January 30th, 2006

08:23 am - Homemade D&D d20 system
Just thought I add that we are looking for people to add to our D&D gaming group. I am the DM of the game and we also play some shadowrun 2nd as well. If interested check out the site I made about my game:


Look under prosepective players on our gaming style as well as other details. I can be contacted at petersoncj2000*spamaway*@hotmail.com of course removing "*spamaway*" or just reply here.

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December 31st, 2005

05:11 pm - A new year, a new try
I intend on starting up a new Werewolf game, and breathing a bit of
life into a mailing list that has gathered a bit of dust.
The staff,
Storyteller- Mike
Narrators- Matt, Clayton, Andrew, Emily

The story so far,
The Sept of Azure Eye, a rank three Caern of Protection devoted to
the City Mother. This sept has served as a waypoint for many Garou
traveling through Florida. Located within the now-infamous Blue Moon
Hotel, the Caern's totem spirit has grown in strength with the city's
expansion. The Glass Walkers, having allied themselves with the city
incarna, have signifigantly reduced the Wyrm's presence in
Tallahassee allowing the city to grow and prosper. The Bone Gnawers,
the other majority tribe, have struck a temporary allegiance with the
Glass Walkers to insure the success of the Caern and, for the time
being, it is working. Garou of other tribes come and go, few wish to
remain in a Caern where the Urrah tribes are in the majority.

Despite the decreased presence of the Wyrm in Tallahassee, the town
remains a battlefield with the Caern caught between the warring
factions. There are forces who oppose the City Incarna's desire to
increase it's strength, and work to stop the Scab from spreading.

Some Garou of Note:
Grandfather Nicholaus: The de facto leader of the Tallahassee Bone
Gnawers. Nicholaus is revered because of his wisdom, and because
Raven has gifted him with foresight.

"The General": A rebel to the core, the Bone Gnawer known as the "The
General" roves around the fringes of the city with his small band of
Garou waging a guerilla war on the forces of the Wyrm and Weaver.
Though not officially affiliated with the sept, The General and his
men are rumored to have the some connection with Nicholaus.

Thomas Salinas: The sept leader who sits at the head of his board of
elders. Salinas is no stranger to politics, having served as a city
councilman for a number of years. Despite his Crescent moon heritage,
Salinas is an even leader. He seeks counsel with both his board, and
with the spirits.

Paul Revere: A local Fianna, Paul Revere manages a small pub near the
Blue Moon named "The Midnight Ride." Revere, a lone Galliard, is ever-
willing to lend a needed ear,or tell an old tale. The Ride has become
an unofficial Hall of Heros, pictures of fallen Garou adorn the walls
among the various bricka-brack.

That's it for now,

Our tentative start date right now is February 18th. Anyone who wants
to make characters can me(Mort655@yahoo.com) and we will make arrangements to meet
with you. Also, we will be meeting most monday nights at All Saint's
cafe from 7:00-9ish if you want to come down then.

Thank you,

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October 5th, 2005

10:42 am - A New LARP
The Talbot Institute

Are you or your loved ones experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Loss of appetite
Increased appetite
Fugue States
Irrational Outbreaks
Anxiety Disorders

The Talbot Institute is a learning facility dedicated to the understanding and treatment of mental disorders. We are currently accepting patients in the area in need of an intensive course of treatment.

Caring for your loved ones when you cant.
Please call us.

Introducing a New World of Darkness Mortals Larp, from the crew who brought you that Big Werewolf Game. Heavy RP, mystery, danger, horror and men in white coats.

That's right! If you were looking for a chance to try out the new Mind's Eye Theater rules, this is it. Our tentative start day is November 5th. If you are interested please contact the Institute.


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September 22nd, 2005

11:31 pm - Room for one more?
I've been out of the gaming loop too long. The past couple of years I've only played one-shots and short campaigns... and those have all been either at cons or while visiting friends. My favorite game is Call of Cthulhu though I haven't played it in years. I've also played quite a bit of Ars Magica, Werewolf, Vampire, and AD&D, though none in their current incarnations. I'm more interested in a good group than any particular system.

So... anyone have a group that has room for another player? I don't meta-game or rules monger and am reasonably witty and bathe on a regular basis (dragoncon is still fresh in my mind (and nose) so I had to mention that).
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August 6th, 2005

01:10 pm - Seeking a D&D/d20 Group...
I just moved to the area last month (I'm on N Meridian Rd), and I haven't yet managed to find a gaming group that isn't internet based. I'm interested in 3rd Edition D&D (or 3.5), Call of Cthulhu, and most other d20-based systems.

Qualifications? For a gaming group?Collapse )

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